Dear ladies! If you would like to make your sex unforgettable and make a man going crazy about you, do not miss our sex tips. Thus you will provide lots of pleasure and ecstasies to you and your partner!

1. Do not get undressed completely, keep on a piece of your clothes! Men find it extremely exciting if a woman wears no underwear, for example, under her smart dress.

2. Have you ever heard of voyeurism? It is a form of sexuality, where a person is getting sexually excited by the observation of naked people or sexual actions. It might be a good idea to organise for your partner a kind of voyeuristic spectacle: Masturbation just in front of him will bring him internally almost to the explosion.

3. Dirty Talk is not only perfectly siutable, but also highly recommended! It doesn't matter if you shout those beguiling words or whisper them quietly. The point is that you make your fantasies and his dirty dreams come true.
4. What about the cat-and-mouse-game? It works in the following way: Just imagine that you are a piece of creamy cake which he is not allowed to eat … You lure him, don't let him come too near though, entice and elude him again and again… You'll see pretty fast that he won't be able to stand this dangerous game for a long time, he is going to eat you!
5. Let's stick to the issue of "Games". If we think of games, we might think of toys. Sex toys provide quite a lot of fun in bed, otherwise they wouldn't be so popular, right? At the moment there is a huge amount of various sex toys of each and every size and colour on the market, so you will probably find the right one for you pretty fast. Just imagine: He is playing with you and watching it.. Wow.. Smoking hot...

6. If a girl suck man's fingers during the sex, she provides him an illusion of oral sex. Try it out, and you will be astonished about his unbelievable reaction.
7. Experts agree that a sensuous and gentle massage provided with a massage oil makes the prelude quite exciting.

8. A french kiss excites men immensely in a rather special way. Please leave all the concerns about the particular techniques behind. Let your tongue just play and show your partner you are having fun while doing it. It is the main secret: both of you should enjoy the process! You will be surprised what an amazing effect oral sex produces.

9. If an embarrassing situation occurs, don't think, just laugh! Men love it, when women laugh and do not take themselves too seriously.

10. Spontaneous sex is the best sex. These words don't need further explanations ;)